Tang Ping Cafe Bar – in Malaysia

Tang Ping Cafe Bar – in Malaysia

Tǎng Píng 躺平 (tangping.kl) is a cafe bar open every day from 4pm to 1am. This is where concerts are held with the theme of “Lie Down”!
Described as “Lie down, a place for your heart to rest. A shelter for urban people, I wish you will not be defined by the world and be happy to be yourself”.

Located at: 7, Jalan SS 13/6C Subang Jaya, Subang Jaya 47500, Malaysia.

tangping.kl introduces on Instagram:

“I feel that the adult society is really tiring. Have you noticed? The information in the current era is too fast and complicated. It seems that modern people are particularly easy to get tired. This kind of tiredness is a kind of tiredness of continuous powerlessness. Is this kind of fatigue caused by the excessive invasion of external voices, which leads to the destruction of the inner world?” How nice it would be if there was a “world” that was isolated from the outside world and belonged to oneself?

Because of this process of chatting with friends, 【Tang ping】【躺平】 was born in the process of chatting and drinking together ☄️

Imagine that when you come to 【Tang ping】, you can temporarily escape from the troubled reality and feel a new attitude towards life. A feeling of being unrestrained and unfettered. Whether you are relaxing in the music or releasing stress in the entertainment, this place will become your spiritual harbor and spiritual home🌈

It is a place for your heart to rest. “Lie down” for a while, don’t let life knock you down. Rest and then continue✨

I hope to let everyone experience such a fun and interesting place as soon as possible! “When you are tired from work and your relationship is messy, come and lie down and start again.”

Come and join tangping.kl’s “Lie Down World” 🪐


Source: Image by tangping.kl

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